SpyFu Review: Services, Pricing and More

SpyFu Review: Services, Pricing and More

SpyFu is one of the top contenders in the realm of SEO services and digital marketing. Many existing SpyFu reviews will tell you that the company is very well-known for their wide range of features, spanning from SEO services like PPC advertising, competitor research, and keyword research to excellent reporting and analytics tools to check your progress.

As a whole, SpyFu.com has a pretty comprehensive toolkit for those who are looking to up their digital marketing game. Read on for more about our own SpyFu review to discover if it’s the right fit for you and your company. 

Quick Facts About SpyFu

ServicesSEO Competitor ResearchKeyword ResearchPPC Competitor ResearchDomain Leads and Top Lists
Pricing Level$ = $100 or less per month
Pricing OverviewBasic Package - $33/month (annual plan), $39/month (monthly plan)Professional Package - $58/month (annual plan), $79/month (monthly plan)

SpyFu’s Services

SEO Competitor ResearchThis service allows you to scope out what keywords and backlinks your top competitors rank on. You can keep track of changes, number of clicks, algorithm changes, and your own ranking progress.
SpyFu will tell you what areas you need to improve in, and of any missed opportunities that you can capitalize on. You can even get assistance in influencer marketing. Afterwards, you can get custom SEO reports to see the fruits of your labor.
Keyword ResearchThis service gives you insight regarding your competitors’ purchased keywords on Google, together with ads that they have run. 
It groups keywords for you with additional data and creates targeted keyword suggestions for you as well. SpyFu can also suggest quality backlinks for these keywords. 
PPC Competitor ResearchThis service will give you a depth of information regarding your competitors’ PPC ads. You will be able to monitor domain bidding for your Google Ads and spot any differences in ad spending. It will also analyze the bidding history of your competitors’ Google Ads. 
SpyFu can also suggest keyword opportunities, and rule out those that have been unsuccessful among your competitors. 
Domain Leads and Top ListsThis service enables you to make your own customized list of domains, and you can filter this out according to search traffic, ad spending, industry, location, and more.
SpyFu uses Google Keyword Planner to determine keywords with the highest search volume and CPC. 

SpyFu’s Pros and Cons

Has unlimited search results for site monitoring and backlink monitoring.May be hard to follow ad metrics if you are new to the world of SEO.
Pricing is very affordable considering the selection of SEO management tools.No SpyFu free trial available, but they do have a free version for you to see how it functions.
Reporting for paid advertising tools is very in-depth and interactive.PPC reporting may sometimes be inaccurate. 
You can see a clear differentiation between you and your competitors and their competitor research is top rated. Does not include website-wide coverage and crawling.
Thorough display of data with diagrams, charts, and graphs.Dashboard and chart reading may be confusing for first-time users. 
Robust selection of basic tools needed for SEO services.You can only see white label reports if you use a team or professional plan.

Who Should Use SpyFu?

SpyFu may not be for everyone, but it can’t be argued that their services and toolkit of SEO functions can be beneficial for many individuals or businesses. Here are some of the people that SpyFu may be best for:

  • Marketers Who Want to Save Time - Because the dashboard and reporting features of SpyFu may be a little technical, this tool may be ideal for marketers who are well-versed in interpreting this data and want to save time by seeing all necessary information on display.
  • Marketers Who Want More Consumer Insight - SpyFu delivers on consumer insight, so marketers who want to see the full picture of their target audiences can benefit from this tool. 
  • Small Business Owners - Small business owners who want to save time and money by learning from their competitors’ successes and failures will find that SpyFu can give them all this information.

SpyFu Verdict

SpyFu remains one of the top choices for SEO and digital marketing tools, especially when it comes to the behind-the-scenes look at competitor research. With it, you can save on time and resources as you are planning ahead for your own company. It is a great tool for research when you are about to execute a campaign or strategy.

A caveat of SpyFu is that users often have to put in the elbow grease of learning its ins and outs, especially if they want to interpret the data found. Luckily, SpyFu also offers a whole library of video tutorials to help you understand how to make the most out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About SpyFu

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about SpyFu.

Who Are SpyFu’s Top Competitors?

SpyFu’s top competitors include Moz Pro, Raven Tools, SE Ranking, SEMRush, Similarweb, and Ahrefs, to name a few.
SpyFu Alternatives
When deciding if SpyFu is for you, you can check out some of these alternatives as well:
Ahrefs - With a pricing model that is dependent on the number of users and/or projects, Ahrefs combines a number of competitors' analytics tools in one, making it easy to use.
SEMRush - At a slightly higher price range, SEMRush gives you access to more advanced analytics tools that encompass every aspect of your competitors’ strategies.
SE Ranking - SE Ranking also has robust competitor analysis tools, with a more flexible pricing range that depends on your subscription type and how much data you want to generate.

What Are SpyFu’s Top Features?

SpyFu is best for competitor analysis, SEO research, backlink research, keyword research, PPC research, creating domain leads, and generating top lists. 

Is SpyFu Good?

SpyFu is a very good tool for SEO services, particularly for those who want a deep look into competitor research. 

How Much Does SpyFu Cost?

SpyFu’s plans begin at $8 a month (billed annually) for a limited time offer. Their three plans range between $33 to $79.

Take some time going over SpyFu’s features and services to see if it’s the right fit for your company. For more in-depth reviews, take a look around the rest of Ready Site

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