Solidworks Certification: Requirements, Cost and Where To Get It

Solidworks Certification Requirements, Cost and Where To Get It

The Solidworks certification test seeks to measure CAD professionals’ proficiency in Solidworks applications. Having this type of certification grants you a sense of security and flexibility in your field of choice. The Solidworks certification exam is the most common test for individuals who want to pursue a career in product development, such as becoming a designer or an engineer.

Read on to discover more about this certification, and how it can prove useful for you.

What Is The CSWP Exam?

The Certified Solidworks Professional (CSWP) Exam is a type of certification for engineers, designers, and other professionals in the field of product development. Before earning your certification for the CSWP, you will need to have passed the first certification level as a Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA). 

The CSWP Exam also determines your ability to use Solidworks software in such a way that you are able to successfully design and analyze whatever you are developing.

How The CSWP Exam Works

The first section of the CSWP Exam is Part Modeling, followed by the second section of Configurations, and then finally, Assembly Modeling. You will receive your certification when you score at least 75% on each section. 

Should you fail to meet this passing score on any section, you can retake it when fourteen days have passed. When you plan on taking the CSWP Exam, bear in mind that it lasts three and a half hours.

Setting aside a significant amount of time to prepare for the CSWP Exam is paramount in ensuring that you pass on your first try. There are sample tests and training courses available online so that you get a simulation of how the exam works.

Requirements for the CSWP Exam

Prior to certification, it is required that you have a minimum of six to nine months of experience in using Solidworks software every day. As mentioned, you will also need to have your CSWA beforehand. The passing rate for the CSWP Exam is around 80% as well.

Taking the exam requires that you purchase the exam online, without many other barriers to entry. You will be able to take the exam at your own convenience. 

How Much Does The CSWP Exam Cost?

The cost for CSWP certification will depend on the exam, but you can expect to pay within the range of $19.95 to $149. Both the CSWA and CSWP are $99 each. After obtaining your CSWP, you can progress to get your Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE) certification. 

This last level costs $149, and will require you to pass the CSWP and a minimum four CSWP advanced topic exams priced between $19.95 to $49.95. 

Where To Get The CSWP Exam

You can get the CSWP Exam online at the Solidworks online store. You can purchase the exam to take once you have a thorough understanding of these certification exams, complete practice exercises, and speak to experts who have taken and passed the exam before. To maximize your time, you can also learn the keyboard shortcuts before taking the exam online.

As industries become more and more competitive — with the product development field not being exempt from this — it is extremely important to get CSWP Certification. Gaining this certification establishes your credentials and expertise in the field, and can open the doors for even more opportunities. 

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