How Much Does A Certified Information Security Manager Earn?

March 28, 2024

A Certified Information Security Manager has the skills and knowledge of the relationship between an information security program and the organization's larger business objectives. The CISM also has practical experience establishing, managing, and implementing an organization's information security program. 

According to PayScale, the average base salary of a CISM professional in the US is $129,000. The CISM certification is for experienced information security management professionals who have developed and managed information security programs. That said, IT security and information security professionals eager to expand their practical expertise can benefit from this certification.

Benefits Of CISM Certification

There are three main benefits of getting a CISM certification: 

Wage Increase

A CISM certification can help you advance in your career. According to Certification Magazine, 48% of information security workers who earned the CISM certification saw a pay raise within a year of obtaining it. While 68% of those polled stated their raise was less than 5%, and around 25% received a 20-25% raise. That said, the average CISM pay is the highest among the 12 certifications, at an average of $129,000.


Because companies are having difficulty finding skilled professionals, CISM certification is a great way to see if a candidate has the necessary knowledge and experience. 

More Knowledge

Perhaps the most significant advantage a CISM certification can give CISM holders is grasping key topics. That said, CISM-certified professionals have in-depth knowledge of their organizations' operations.

They can see problems and change company operations to accommodate information technology management. Being CISM-certified demonstrates that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to grasp the link between an information security program and different business goals.

Job Roles For A CISM Professional

After obtaining a CISM certification, the professional becomes eligible to undertake one or more of the following job roles:

  • Information Security Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Officer
  • Information Technology Director
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Security Architect
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Senior Security Consultant

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing industry with plenty of opportunities. To learn more about different cybersecurity certifications, check out the rest of Reliable Certified today.

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