How Long Does The Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam Take?

April 4, 2024

The certified information systems auditor exam comprises 150 multiple choice questions, and candidates have 4 hours to complete them. IT professionals interested in information system auditing, control, or security can take the CISA exam.

This certification is given by ISACA to the professionals in charge of monitoring, managing, and securing an organization's IT and business systems. It is offered following a comprehensive testing and application process. IT auditors, audit managers, consultants, and security professionals will benefit professionally from the CISA certification.

Exam Domains

The exam questions revolve around five main study domains:

  1. The process of information systems auditing.
  2. The governance and management of IT.
  3. The acquisition, development, and deployment of information systems. 
  4. Information systems operations and business resilience.
  5. The protection of information assets.

Candidates must obtain a score of 450 or better — on a scale of 200 to 800 — to pass the exam and may attempt the exam at any time and in any location worldwide or remotely online. English, Chinese Mandarin Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish are all the available languages for candidates to take the exam.

Exam Preparation

Individuals who want to study for the exam can use ISACA's preparation tools. Many ISACA chapters hold CISA test review classes. In addition to reading the ISACA Review Manual and learning how to think like an accountant, aspirants studying for the CISA exam should take as many practice exams as possible.

Adopting an accountant's perspective is advantageous because most people who take the CISA exam work as accountants or in the financial services industry. Thinking like an accountant can assist a test taker in better comprehending the questions, answers, and format in which they were prepared.

If a candidate passes the exam, they will be given the information to apply for the CISA credential. However, they must first show that they have the appropriate professional expertise.

Work Experience Required

Work experience must be within ten years of applying or five years of passing the CISA exam. The candidate must also follow ISACA's Code of Professional Ethics and Information Systems Auditing Standards. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, the candidate can apply for certification.

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